Adaptive Rowing

We at Viking Boat Races want everyon to participate including those who may have differing abilities.

You can row fast or slow.  You can row for short periods and take a rest.  It is safe with little risk for injury and provides significant therapeutic benefits and a great sense of freedom.  And…it’s FUN!!

Most recently, one of our rowers (who was deaf) won a bronze medal at the 2007 Canadian School Championships. More and more regattas are including adaptive rowing events, such as the Royal Canadian Henley and the World Championships. 

We have both the equipment and experience for adaptive rowing.  Safety is our highest concern – all considerations are made.  

The disability classifications for Adaptive Rowing are as follows:

Leg/Trunk/Arms (LTA)

  • Row with full rowing stroke
  • People with: MS, visual impairments, CP, intellectual disability

Trunk/Arms (TA)

  • Row with body swing and arms with fixed seat
  • People with MS, leg amputations, paraplegia

Arms (A)

  • row with arms and fixed seat
  • People with no functional use of their legs and requiring back support

Typical Competitive Rowing Events:

4+ LTA (mixed gender)

  • Coaxed four for crew that uses legs, trunk and arms, two male and two female (cox can be male or female)

2x TA (mixed gender)

  • Double scull with male and female crew who only use trunk and arms, i.e. fixed seat

1xA (male and female)

  • Single scull with rower that uses arms only.  Boat equipped with special fixed seat