Lumberjack Show

The 6th Annual Viking Boat Races & Festival will feature competitive lumberjacks from all across Canada. Lumberjacks will compete in a variety of events that require intense concentration in such areas as speed, agility, power, and coordination. Winners get to take home cool prizes and, of course, bragging rights!



  1. This is a timed event carried out by a team of two competitors. 
  2. The size of the log should be determined by the show, but it should be noted that the log should not be overly large as the object of this event is for the team to "read" the log and efficiently guide it along its path. 
  3. The contestants are to roll the log a distance of 40 feet and strike two separated stakes with the log.  The contestants are then to roll the log back to its original spot, again striking two separated stakes with the log. 
  4. The Course should be laid out such that the stakes at each end are set apart from each other by one foot less than the length of the log to be rolled.
  5. No contestants should be allowed to watch other contestants roll the log prior to his/her competing.