Long-Term Athlete Development

In our efforts to develop rowing for inner-city kids, we are taking a Long-Term Athlete Development (LTAD) approach. Click here to view our LTAD Document as a PDF.

Specifically, LTAD is a Sport Implementation model: a training, competition, and recovery program based on developmental age – that maturation level of the individual – rather than chronological age.  It is athlete centered, coach driven, and administration/sport science/sponsor supported. 

LTAD's holistic approach was devised to help develop physical literacy in young people to ensure they acquire the skills necessary to excel as athletes when they get older and as healthy adults into adulthood.

All kids grows at different rates: some are early, some late. LTAD does not follow a chronological development but instead takes into account each individual's physiological maturity within their growth patterns and timelines.

This approach to the development of rowers will ensure appropriate skills and boat classes in the following way:

Step 1: Viking Boat (Learn to Row).
Step 2: Touring Quads (Learn to Scull).
Step 3: Learn to Olympic Scull (Octets, Quads, Doubles, Singles)
Step 4: Learn to Olympic Row (Olympic-style 8's, 4's, Pairs).