Why Rowing?  

At VikingBoatRaces.com, with your help, we provide the opportunity for kids to attend Summer Camp while at the same time developing the skills necessary to become athletes. With a highly personalized, fun-filled and supportive environment, the LTAD Camp's goal is to develop campers' sense of self-esteem and physical literacy through a wide variety of activities. Most inner-city kids never get a chance to experience the joys and benefits of summer camp.

With 240 corporate teams pulling together either by fundraising or gaining corporate sponsorship, 240 inner-city kids will go to camp.  The goal is to send one inner-city kid from each school team.

Our Vikings will acquire the necessary skills to become an effective leader and memories to last a lifetime.

We are developing two LTAD summer camps.  Click to read more about the Sport Resort at Camp Kennebec and Camp Biscotasing Wilderness Camp.